Summerland Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are the parent elected group who represent the Summerland community . They oversee the governance of the school. The board are a very active group of [mostly] parents who are approachable and forward thinking. For contact details of any board members you could email email or phone the school office. For day to day matters please contact the school directly. For you to contact the school board in writing, email or post are best.

Board meetings are held every month and are open to the public. The dates of these meetings are on the school calendar.

The current members of the Summerland Board of Trustees are:

  • Des Madeira
  • Lisa Walker
  • Peter Stone
  • Nick Thompson - Treasurer
  • Steven Khov
  • Kelli Tevaga - Secretary
  • Charlie Tevaga - Chairman
  • Britt Teleiai - Staff Representative
  • Blair Giles & Barb Dysart - Principals