Season 2 Basketball starts in the week of the 7th of August and runs until the end of November.

Games are played at the Massey Leisure centre on Don Buck Road in Massey.

Contact Mrs To'ua for more information about basketball.


Under 7 - Summerland Giants - Coach: Steven Dickinson. Training time: Wednesday morning tea time.

Under 9 - Summerland Lakers - Coach: Jewelz Petley. Training day: Tuesday morning 8am - 8.45am

Under 9 - Summerland Suns - Coach: Logan Knauf. Monday after school 3pm - 3.30pm

Under 9 - Summerland Bulls - Coach: Pippa Tu'atonga. Thursday after school 3pm-4pm

Under 9 - Summerland Warriors - Coach: Scott Clark. Training day: Tuesday morning 8am - 8.45am

Under 11 - Summerland Breakers - Coach: Glen Rockhouse. Training day: Saturday morning

Under 11 - Summerland Raiders - Coach Bernadine Venu. Training day: Thursday 3pm - 4pm

Under 13 - Summerland Rockets - Coach: Selena Te Amo. Monday morning 8am - 8.45am

Under 13 - Summerland Magic - Coach: Boycie / Donna. Training day: Thursday lunchtimes