Welcome to Room 2 - Patty Barbosa

Kia ora!

Welcome to Room 2 and a year full of learning and fun adventures.
Room 2 is a Learning through Play environment, inspired by Reggio Emilia approach which is student-centered and self- directed, experiential learning in a relationship-driven environment. In room 2, students will learn from their own experiences and interests, in a fun and meaningful experiences that will support their learning pathways. Learning Through Play is one of the many pedagogies that research has found, supports learners to grow into lifelong learners by essentially encouraging and offering learners the opportunity to explore.

I am extremely passionate about learning through play and believe in the child developing holisticaly (social, emotional and academic), which supports them to grow into a confident and curious learner.

Seesaw will keep you updated about all the great adventures in room 2, make sure to visit it daily.