Welcome to the Art Academy specialist: Janet Shepherd

Welcome to the Art Academy at Summerland Primary School.

The art room is always a hive of activity. Whole classes spend a day or two, several times a year, in the art room working though the process of making art works. The theme for the art changes from class to class and is linked to the learning they are doing with their class teachers.
Art Academy classes are also a feature 2 days per week. Art courses run for between 4 to 8 weeks depending the focus and are separated into age level groups. A limited number of students are nominated by teachers according to set criteria that suit the focus, theme and genre being taught.

Added this year on a trail basis: Janet is working with one syndicate, two day per week for 5 weeks. She is working with the teachers to incorporate art into other curriculum areas. This is all negotiated with the teachers and they work together with the students. So far it has been a very popular addition to the art focus.

The art room is not just a place to ‘do a little art’. It is a place of learning and thinking, of using art skills and developing lifelong knowledge.