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Wearable Arts

Wearable Arts

In Term 2, the children of Room 10 decided to  study the rainforest.  For the technology aspect of the unit, they designed and constructed rainforest inspired hats. 

Sharon Reid, a Montana Wearable Arts Designer came to share her knowledge with the Beehive.  Her costumes and ideas proved inspirational.  We were extremely lucky to have her take time out of her busy week to speak with us.

They then shared their hats with friends and family in a Beehive Wearable Arts Show. 

The children worked extremely hard on their hats, and they looked absolutely amazing.  The Wearable Arts show was an experience too!  There were loads of parents and most classes in the school came to watch. 

The children grooved down a specially made 'catwalk' to funky music. 

It was a fun and exciting day for everyone!

If you came to watch the show, or see a hat that you like, feel free to add a comment - we would love to hear what you thought!

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